Mexico Came to Abbott’s Glen Southern Vermont

Mexico Came to Abbott’s Glen Southern Vermont


Mexican Dining Begins at Abbott’s Glen!

Mexico Came to Abbott’s Glen Southern Vermont this past weekend as we delved into All Things Mexican at Abbott’s Glen Nudist Inn & Resort.  Guests wore those big hats while the big skirts twirled in Club SugarShack!

Our Chef, Gerry Wadle, outdid himself.  He rolled out the small bites starting and complimentary Sangria, made with Rose, Apple Brandy, and Pomegranate Juice.  All served pondside.


Gerry’s Enchiladas

Dinner was served on the patio, overlooking the pond, Al Fresco, and was accompanied by music by Los Lonely Boys.  Gerry served a scrumptious pinto bean salad with avocados and peppers as well as Beef, Bean & Chicken Enchiladas and Mexican Style Cornbread.

Dinner was temporarily suspended as mesmerized guests watched the moon rise over the ridge adjacent to Abbott’s Glen’s meadow.    See a facsimile of the actual event…

Mexican Moonrise at Abbott's Glen

Mexican Moonrise at Abbott’s Glen


The Dreaded Chupacabra

Guests, Innkeepers and Staff alike were fortunate to have avoided encounters with El Chupacabra despite the impending full moon which occurred on August 29th.

This does, however, give a nice preview of the excitement to come in months ahead as we approach All Hallows Eve, otherwise known as “Halloween” which we’ll be celebrating right here at Abbott’s Glen.  Check our event description, right here.

Dinner ended with Gerry’s homemade Churros with slices of lime and Frozen Margarita Mousse, which was Amy’s recipe.

Guests later found the hot tub endlessly entertaining and Club SugarShack rocked late into the night to a Mexican Medley specially mixed up by Lindy Abbott.

We have a long list of upcoming events at the Inn and would love to see you here.  Where else would you rather be!