Dinners at Abbott’s Glen – Join Us

Dinners at Abbott’s Glen Naturist Resort

Abbott’s Glen is known for good food.

When Abbott’s Glen reopens in May we will wait for guidance from the state to help determine how we will move forward with food service

Italian Cocktail foods Dinner dance Live Music

Antipasto set out for Taste of Italy dinner, pond side









Menu subject to change at any time.
Dinner is served on Saturday evening European Style.
A 9% tax will be added to your bill upon departure for lodging & meals.
Gratuity is not included in meal pricing or room rates.
Ask about special enhancements to create a memorable Birthday or Anniversary!

You cannot be nude in a dining room setting. You may wear a sarong or any garment that covers the bottom portions.
Guests are welcome to wear their Abbott’s Glen robes provided to breakfast but not for dinner service.
see innthebuffgourmet for more info about chef Amy

Dinners at Abbott’s Glen Naturist Resort

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