Nude winter recreation in New England

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Take a nude roll in the fresh Vermont snow after a sauna !

Nude winter recreation in New England ? OK, be real its freezing out there. OH, yes indoor nude winter recreation, now were talking. The only year round place I know of in New England , is located in southern Vermont on the Massachusetts border. The place is Abbott’s Glen Naturist Resort. They are an AANR club (American Association for Nude Recreation) Most nudist are reasonable people, if they wander outside nude its not for long. It might be after a sauna to take a nude roll in the fresh Vermont snow for some snow angels and then franticly running back into the sauna.

Nude winter recreation

Abbott’s Glen Naturist Resort sauna in southern Vermont

So many fun things to do in the winter, do you ski? Do you snowshoe? Abbott’s Glen has beautiful trails for that along the river. You could also take a short drive to Mount Snow or Berkshire East for some downhill skiing. You might want to dress warm for the outdoor activities, but feel free to come back to Club Sugarshack and drop your laundry by the warmth of the wood stove.

Great place for a birthday party or a romantic anniversary celebration

Nude winter recreation at Abbott's Glen Naturist Resort

Relaxing by the fire after a ski

Nude winter recreation

Returning to the Abbott House after some down hill skiing


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