Naked Vacation / Nakation in Vermont

Naked Vacation / Nakation in Vermont at Abbott’s Glenn Clothing Optional Inn Nudist Resort

A nakation is defined as a naked vacation. Most of these naked vacations are trips to nudist resorts and / or clothing optional travel destinations and nude beaches.

Nakation Check In At Abbott's Glenn Nudist Inn

Nakation Check In At Abbott’s Glenn Nudist Inn

A nude vacation in Vermont is the ultimate summer nakation fun. If a nude beach is what your looking for, the State of Vermont has relaxed nudity laws. You can visit many appropriate nudist places to visit when your here.

Skinny Dipping Nakation At Abbott's Glenn Nudist Resort Vermont

Skinny Dipping Nakation At Abbott’s Glenn Nudist Resort Vermont

Start your Nakation in Vermont with a romantic naked getaway vacation to Abbott’s Glen Naturist Resort

You can stay at our nudist campground or at our clothing optional inn accommodation. Enjoy some of great food in our restaurant, check out our many nude events, do some naked yoga and round out the day with some dancing in our very own clothing optional Club Sugarshack I have personally lived in Vermont since the 1970’s .

Vacation Naked At Abbott's Glenn Vermont Nudist Resort

Vacation Naked At Abbott’s Glenn Vermont Nudist Resort

I discovered a book years ago written by a Vermonter with a listing of dozens of nude recreation areas located on beautiful rivers and lakes throughout the state. I also have had the pleasure of visiting most of them through the years. Visit the most popular one being a place called the ledges just 15 minutes down the road from Abbott’s Glen.

Nudist Camping Nakation At Abbott's Glenn Vermont

Nudist Camping Nakation At Abbott’s Glenn Vermont

Unfortunately through the years many of these nudist locations have been closed for one reason or another. Because some have been closed due to private development. Some because of complaints of inappropriate behavior happening. Please respect.

But besides that there are still many other nude friendly locations and destinations that are still open for you choose from when you visit.

Nakation in Vermont at Abbot’s Glenn Clothing Optional Inn Nudist Resort

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