Lodging For Vermont Hunting Season

Abbott’s Glen in Southern Vermont is a haven for hunters!

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When November arrives, many men and women are thinking about where they are going to hunt during the Vermont hunting season.

For your convenience, Abbott’s Glen will be offering Lodging For Hunting Season in Vermont. Our Vermont Inn will be open exclusively for hunters from November 13th to November 22nd. (Yes, this is a place you would be comfortable to bring your spouse to if you were so inclined).

A Haven for Hunters in Vermont

Abbott’s Glen in Southern Vermont is a haven for hunters looking for a little more comfort. Enjoy great food & a venue to sip on your favorite drink (BYOB). Play some billiards or cards while someone else tends to the fires and prepares meals. You will talk about the food for for a long time to come. Sound good! Call 802-368-2525 for reservations.

Although most guests come to Abbott’s Glen in the Summer to drop all their clothing and enjoy the property, from November 13th to November 22nd will be for hunters only. Hunters may be interested in the articles found over at Outdoor Empire to find out what hunting gear they recommend you equip yourself with before heading out into the wilderness. If you are looking for a new scope, then this guide will certainly come in handy. Additionally, ensuring your gun has the best accessories to guarantee precision in your shooting and certify that you’ll have a successful hunt is essential. Precision is vital in hunting; you might find that this glock folding stock helps you with this. Preparation of your gun is necessary.

Vermont Hunters Come To Hunt But Stay For The Food And Fun!

So why head to Abbott’s Glen to hunt in Vermont this year? Well lets start with a food reputation that continues to grow in popularity & quality. Breakfast meals cooked right here in our own restaurant. Indulge in farm fresh eggs, pastries & homemade jams and much more. Head out in the early morning after a pastry and a hot cup of coffee. Now come back to the Inn for a full country breakfast mid morning to sustain you till dusk in the woods.

Vermont  Hunting Season Lodging at Carriage house 2

Vermont Hunting Season Lodging at Carriage house 2

Lodging For Vermont Hunting Season

Abbott’s Glen Inn – Lodging For Vermont Hunting Season

After a day of cold & raw weather out in the woods, you arrive back at the Inn Enjoy a nice long hot shower, a soak in the hot tub, or bake your self in our wood fired Finnish sauna. Now that your feeling better, slip into an Abbott’s Glen robe with a drink or two. Recant stories of your day with other hunters. Warm white robes supplied in your room can be the attire for the night, or dress for dinner if you wish.

When dinner rolls around head over to the Meadow House for a feast & share dinner at our 10 foot long harvest table. A buffet will be presented each night to include a seasonal salad, main dish like roast beef or meatloaf. Add a fabulous starch like twice stuffed potatoes or hearty mac & cheese with Vermont smoked cheddar. Pile on roasted veggies, a big ole bread basket & VT butter.  If another source of protein should happen to show up at the end of a long day of hunting, we’ll talk to the chef.


If you have any room left after a fine dinner, we’ll have mugs of coffee & a sweet dessert all made right here on the property for you. One night it may be an apple pie & ice cream. Another night might be bread pudding made with spiced rum & served with a big dollop of whipped cream.

After dinner recreation

Now what happens after dinner? Still not ready to turn in? Head into the lounge while a wood stove crackles away & enjoy a brandy & a good read. Option 2 is to head over to the Carriage House, our recreation space known as Club Sugar shack. Club Sugar shack now hosts high ceilings supported by hemlock beams and finished with stained pine boards. This 50 x 30 foot space has comfortable furniture to just relax & read or bar stools to tip a few with other guests and enjoy some music. Or you could just take a late stroll, letting your food settle. Websites such as SurvivalCooking.com, have some good flash lights if you don’t have one of your own.


A refrigerator is open for guests to store their beverages of choice in the club. Choose from a variety of glassware to fit your individual drink from beer, to martini to brandy. There you’ll also find a wood fire to warm you while you play some pool, darts, Foosball or gather a few buddies to play cards. You’ll get to choose the music. We have everything from Elvis & the Stones to Patsy Kline & newer country artist and about a million more tunes accessed by Sirius radio. We supply the Ice, bar set ups. BYOB

Have Fun After The Hunt at Club Sugarshack Vermont

Have Fun After The Hunt at Club Sugarshack

Ready to hit the hay as they say? There are 8 guest rooms to choose from located in 3 separate buildings. The Meadow House has a big screen TV in the sitting room if all you need is to be droned off to sleep. All rooms have a queen or king bed and a closet with a small refrigerator & an Abbott’s Glen robe. The rooms are clean and tastefully decorated. There are 3 bathrooms in the Meadow House and several locations for showering. All guest rooms offer a queen or king 1 bed.

Whether you are hunting for the first time in southern Vt or a veteran hunter with many stories to tell in Club Sugar shack, Abbott’s Glen could just be the place you always wanted to find.! Call 802-368-2525 for pricing.

What are you waiting for? Call a friend, a brother, a son or a colleague,and get a group together & let them know about the alternative Lodging For Hunting Season Vermont instead of a dusty old cold camp where you have to cook your own dinner & share a bedroom with a snoring beer breathed stranger. Abbott’s Glen will have you thinking “why would I stay anywhere else”!

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