Got Winter Blues

Got winter blues, is a vacation south out of the question, take an extended weekend vacation at Abbott’s Glen.

IMG_1038 Abbott's Glen Restaurand got winter blues






We will give you an unforgettable mini vacation. We will fill your tummies  in our 5 star restaurantand feed your soul  with the new friends you didn’t know you had. If you have got winter blues, come stay with us and enjoy a hot tub, or step into our wood fired sauna, take a roll in the snow and you’ll know your alive after you run back in the sauna screaming, (not for the faint of heart) . There are many things to do here, hike our trails or snow shoe or cross country ski on our own trails. Dance or play a game of billiards in on site Club Sugarshack on Friday or Saturday night. Bring your skis we are a short distance to Mount Snow or Berkshire East. Bring another couple with you and get 1 night free when you mention this post !

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