Chili contest to chase away the chills

We’re heating things up at Abbott’s Glen with a Chili contest

It’s January in Vermont & that meals it’s chilly, so Abbott’s Glen is hosting a chili cook-off to heat things up! Can we chase away the chills with a big ole bubbly pot of chili? You bet we can. Each January, we encourage our naturist guests to cook up their best pot of chili to bring to our contest.

Our guests will line up their chili’s in the dining room. Then they are numbered. Everyone will have an opportunity to taste each chili & place their vote for the BEST. Every year we are always surprised by the amazing variations in meats, sauces, vegetables , beans & spices.

meadow house - winter

meadow house – winter

The afternoon begins with a few frosty margaritas enjoyed over in Club Sugar Shack , while cozy by a wood stove. A variety of Tex Mex nibbles help soak up the tequila that will be part of the festivities. B.Y.O.B.

The remainder of the dinner served  over in the Meadow house , is prepared by Abbott’s Glen. You can expect a fabulous Tex Mex Salad with lots of lime, black beans & fresh veggies. A Corn bread cooked in an iron skillet & served with agave butter will give you a perfect dipper for the chili  selections. A variety of toppings to include grated cheddar, sour cream, sliced scallions, black olives, avocado, chips & fresh cilantro, will give you a full

tex mex salad Chili contest

tex mex salad Chili

layer atop your chili selection.

Mexican music, tex mex textiles , candles & south of the border pottery adds to the festive evening of chili eating!

Now don’t forget that there is lot,s of FUN things to do that have nothing to do with chili. How about enjoying some skiing, snow shoeing or sledding?

sledding down hill Chili contest

sledding down hill at abbott’s glen

We have some equipment or you can bring your own. Our sledding hill will have you feeling like a kid all over again. If you prefer a warmer pursuit, head to the wood fired Finnish sauna to thaw out the NE winter. Our hot tub room

Cold Outside & Warm In Inside Our Nude Hot Tub

It’s Cold Outside & Warm In Inside Our Nude Hot Tub

with a 4 seat tub can provide a respite from ole man winter.

After dinner, our guests will head on over to Club Sugar shack for dancing & billiards. so why sit home? Head north & HEAT up your weekend.

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