Abbott’s Glen Ushers Year Twelve

Abbott’s Glen 11th Year Innkkeeping Anniversary Just Floated Away and Abbott’s Glen Ushers In Year Twelve…

And so we set sail into our 12th year!  Before it fades into the distance, we’d like to record some of the most memorable aspects of our 11th Innkeeping Anniversary Celebration.

Guests arrived Friday night, some just in time to take a place at the table for a dinner which included fresh tabbouleh with tomatoes, cucumber, our own fresh mint from the garden, and lemon. After dinner, Dan Zukergood, otherwise known as “The Human Jukebox” led guests in acoustic karaoke until well after midnight. Dan got people singing. He accompanies on guitar while providing back-up singing. He’s the Human Jukebox because he knows thousands of songs from the 50’s to the present. He also has songbooks but, if you want to sing a song that isn’t in the book, there is an excellent chance that he knows it. He inspired our own music student and summer assistant, Ellen, to sing in her beautiful contralto voice. Thank you, Dan and Ellen, for sharing your talent!Anniversary11FoodImage

The next day was sunny and HOT! Guests enjoyed floating in tubes on the pond, hiking cool forest trails, wading in the river, and visiting Lake Whitingham, a few miles up the road. As a sultry summer night fell, there were complimentary Watermelon Mojitos and small bites such as Fig & Ricotta Bruchetta with Fresh Basil and Amy’s Tuna Tapenade.


Dinner opened with an opportunity for guests to share thoughts and experiences from over the years at The Glen.  Amy and Lindy were surprised to find guests who had just found Abbott’s Glen within the month stand with guests who have made the journey over the past 11 years along with The Abbotts. The main message was one of gratitude for the Abbotts’ work, for the opportunity to make new AmyLindyAnniversary11Best_2friends, spend time with golden ones, rekindle what was thought to be lost, and for providing a venue to reconnect with one’s self as well as to detach from the weight of a world moving ever faster.

The Abbotts, in return, expressed gratitude for the guests and friends with whom they fill their inn, as there is nothing at all to celebrate if one has an inn without people in it.

Dinner culminated with Chef Gerry’s Italian Wedding GerryCuttingCakeAnniversaryCake made with Custard, Chocolate, and Italian Butter Cream, presented by entirely new staff members who have come to find their homes at Abbott’s Glen.

ChineseLanternsThe meal ended with a brand new tradition of launching Chinese Lanterns into the warm summer air. Thus signifying sending off another year, only to make room for the next.

And so, as another year drifted away, Abbott’s Glen launched into a dozen.anniversarylanternsII












Join us as we head into our next 12 months~

  • Chamber Music Series at Marlboro College has begun
  • Lobster Dinner Benefit Weekend
  • Taste of Tuscany (Amy traveled extensively throughout Italy)
  • Blues Band Weekend
  • It’s Greek To Me
  • Taste of Mexico
  • And Don’t forget, mid-week rates are a GREAT reason to head North on 91/West on 84 or Route 2/East on 90/Route 9 depending where you float in from…
  • Click here to see event dates and times

And that brings us up to September.  We have wonderful things planned straight through fall and way past that, rest assured, but I won’t bring all that up right now.

We look forwad to seeing you as soon as possible!
~All the best from your friends at Abbott’s Glen

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